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Discover how we make Inneball special for every part of the logistics chain.

Where we make an impact

Inneball has just started selling in retail in Norway, however we are working on expanding our reach and deliver our products all over the world.

Inneball is a perfect toy for urban and populated cities, as areas for kids tend to be more limited and noise can be an issue with traditional play. We would love to reach those who need us the most by working with everyone from football clubs, hotels, hospitals, schools, and of course retailers.

Let us help you!

Custom solutions to fit your needs

Custom products

Clients that want custom colours or logos get help with the design process, and we take the time to make Inneball perfect for your club, organization or storefront, depending on your needs.


Point of sale

We again help our customers with custom POS solutions, making both the designs and finished displays. Once you grab Inneball it is almost impossible to let go, so let us help you with reaching your customers while adding to your store!




Get the product-media you need for your webshop or POS, either from our catalogue of photos and videos, or by getting new media made by our photographers for your needs.  


Collaborations and other strategies

A big part of Inneballs success has been the ability to properly convey what makes us and our products unique. To achieve this we are proactive and generally interested in working with influencers, local sports teams, and other high profile figures in the markets we are looking to enter.

Collaborations and marketing are done in a way intended to help convey Inneballs features and quality, with the intent to help with conversion.

Distribuiton & FOB

Distribution and Inneballs road onto the football pitch

As a growing company we look for all opportunities to reach new football-players, and make an effort in creating distribution options to achieve this.


For customers ordering large batches or custom orders we are able to give pricing for FOB China. This allows you to find and use the cheapest logostics options for you.

International Shipping

For customers of all sizes we have several facilities and distributors which can ship both larger and smaller orders to customers across the world.

Other solutions

We also offer larger shipments as FOB delivered to your nearest port, or directly to warehouses. We work directly with shipping companies to ensure a smooth ordering process.


Simon Moe - Founder & CEO

Please feel free to contact me directly and I will get back to you as quickly as possible. While our vision is big, our team is still rather small and in order to take all inquires seriously we recommend and urge you to contact our founder directly!

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